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Norristown Project - January 2020

Fam, Com will be providing in school mentoring for two Norristown area schools.  Fam, Com will also be working with H.U.N.G.R.Y Academy providing Saturday morning programming featuring Guest Speakers, introduction to various sports, small group discussions and Parent Programs. 

Fam, Com will be offering Small Group Mentoring opportunities for interested organizations.  

Mentoring Training's

Have you ever thought about becoming a Mentor?  Would like to learn what it takes  to become a successful Mentor?  If  your answer is yes, sign up for our Mentor Training program. We deliver our services. 

Fatherhood / Parenting Programs

We offer fatherhood and Parenting Programs at your location. We can design a program to meet your specific needs. 

When Grown Men Play Hide & Seek

This workshop deals with the epidemic of absentee fathers and their impact on their next generation. This is a Men's discussion centered around the book "When Grown Men Play Hide & Seek."  

CEO, Chris Pender, Sr. MHS & COO, Debbie Pender

Purpose, Passion and Power is the fuel for a successful life.


The mission of Fam, Com. (Families & Communities on the Move) is to assist families, young people, parents, and couples in gaining the necessary skills to have a positive impact on their communities, schools, society and within their personal sphere of influence. 

Living a life dedicated to serving others and assisting them to reach their potential and discover their purpose is our life's mission.   

A Philosophy for the Future


 The educational and philosophical design for the program will be guided by five principles that lie at the heart of what we believe to be true about our students, our community, and how children learn. They are firmly based in both research and the recommendations for educational reform contained in the most influential national reports.

Principle 1- High Expectations: We will promote the high academic expectations.


Principle 2 - Holistic Environment: Our program will be enriched by a unique holistic nature of the program that encompasses the student, staff, school officials, family and the rich social setting in which it is located. 


Principle 3 - Integrated Learning: We will provide learning experiences that highlight the academic challenges of the ever changing business by emphasizing the natural connections within and among all disciplines.

Principle 4 - Active Learning: Our students will be challenged to build knowledge and meaning through active learning experiences such as inquiry, exploration, and peer interaction. 

Principle 5 - Positive Attitudes: Program staff will partner with the school and partners to foster creativity, originality, self-esteem, a sense of wonder and excitement about learning. Self-esteem is a combination of a person's efficacy and worth.

Workshops and Keynotes


As an award-winning speaker and innovator, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. 

Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

The Fam, Com team offers a wide range of workshops on various topics such as Fatherhood, Parenting, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships/ Healthy Marriages, How to Raise a Positive child in a Negative World, and many custom workshops for all ages. 

Let us design and develop a mentoring program complete with curriculum for you that speaks to your unique specific needs. 

Pastor Christopher A. Pender, Sr. MHS

CEO- Founder- Workshop Facilitator- Motivational Speaker

Christopher A Pender, Sr. is a native North Philadelphian educated in the Philadelphia Public School system. Chris has been married for 35 years and has four children. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University. 

In October 2010 he was awarded the 2010 NAACP Extraordinary Citizens award. Other certifications include Rutgers University (Camden Campus) Early Childhood Education, National Fatherhood Initiative 24/7 Dads - Dr. Dad, and P.A.I.R.S (Marriage/Relationship Counseling) as well as being a member of The National Mentoring Children of Purpose Advisory Board in Washington DC. The Chester State Correctional Institute awarded Chris with the Volunteer Award in 2009 for his work with the SCI population.

Chris has accumulated over twenty-five years of experience working with young people, Families and Fathers in several different capacities such as coach, mentor and facilitator. 

A few of his greatest accomplishments include writing a book, designing curriculum on such topics as Fatherhood, Healthy Relationships, Vision/Purpose, and Choices & Consequences. Other projects that provide a sense of pride for Chris is creating workshops on various topics, designing a re-entry program for incarcerated individuals, creating a Job Readiness Program, designing an academic enrichment summer camp and authoring a Thesis on “The Absentee Dad Through abandonment, death, and incarceration.” 

Chris also created an after-school / summer program for youth between the ages of 8-15. Helping Youth Prepare Effectively (H.Y.P.E) equips today’s young people with the tools needed to become individuals of character who are prepared to become leaders for the next generation. 

 Chris believes just as George Washington Carver wrote, “No individual has any right to come into this world and go out without leaving behind him legitimate and distinct reasons for having passed through it.” “My legitimate reason for being here on earth is to make a difference in the lives of the next generation and their families in a positive way.”


Christopher A. Pender, Jr

Director of Youth Engagement - Workshop Facilitator

Chris Pender, Jr. has always had a passion for athletics and working with youth since he was a senior in high school. He played Junior Varsity baseball for two years and Varsity basketball for two years. 

As a senior at Cheltenham High School, he was actively involved in working with youth. Chris was a math and character development instructor for a program named H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Prepare Effectively) in which he tutored 7th and 8th grade students in math. He also instructed character development courses in which he led discussions on numerous topics such as education, having goals, the importance of working hard, and many other topics. 

Chris attended Mansfield University on a partial basketball scholarship. While in college he was one of the top 3-point shooters in the PSAC and nationally. At the end of his college career, he ended up as one of the all-time career three pointer shooters in Mansfield history. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in Psychology and concentration in Human Resource Management. While in college during his summer breaks of school, Chris would come back and coach middle school students for an organization named C.A.N. (Cheltenham Achievement Network) in basketball leagues/tournaments throughout the city of Philadelphia. He was once a member of this organization which he felt was instrumental to his success in athletics and pursuing higher education. This organization is one of the many influences that inspired him to form an organization that will combine athletics, education, and character development. 

Chris’ goal is not only to get young athletes to learn the value of hard work to perform at a high level, but encourage the same effort of achievement in education. 

Chris has developed a passion for helping children with Special Needs experience athletics while gaining the confidence  needed to experience personal success. 


Nicole McFadden

Director of Community Engagement / Workshop Facilitator

 Over the past seven years, Nicole Pender has tied her life’s passion for helping others to her professional work through career experiences in professional sports, nonprofit management, government affairs and corporate philanthropy.  Nicole has sharpened her skills while working with the Ronald McDonald House, The Delaware 87'ers and Habitat for Humanities. Nicole has invested her personal time in causes such as feeding the Homeless. 

A graduate of Mansfield University of PA, class of 2011 where she was Division II Women’s basketball player where she established herself in three years by joining the teams list of assist and steal leaders. 

 Nicole currently serves as the Community Engagement Program Manager for Alfred I. DuPont Nemours Children’s Hospital, where she strives to create programming to service undeserved and overlooked populations of youth across the Delaware Valley. 

Nicole loves to work with young ladies sharing with them the skills and temperament to be successful. 


Christopher McFadden

Workshop Facilitator - Motivational Speaker


Christopher McFadden was born and raised in Philadelphia. He holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Masters' degree in Criminal Justice. He grew an undying love and passion for working with urban youth. Because of that passion, he started a youth organization in 2012, The Philadelphia Youth Project.

 The organization's mission is to engage, encourage and educate youth in Philadelphia through community events, ‘life-skills’ workshops and educational events. 

His life's journey has led him to become a passionate educator and youth development professional. He's been an educator for seven years and has recently taught 8th grade US History and English. He is now a Dean of Students and a teacher for Mastery Charter Schools. 

For the past three years, Christopher has been a part of The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice as a leadership team member.  The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice is a professional membership and activist organization dedicated to advancing the recruitment, development and retention of Black male educators in schools throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Founded in 2014, the Fellowship was born out of a desire to inspire new generations of Black men to work for social justice through teaching. Since then, The Fellowship has grown to include an ever-expanding network of more than 2,000 members who serve as teachers, administrators, legislators, clergy members and business leaders in Greater Philadelphia. Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned Black male educators, including school principals, deans, and teachers.


Devin A. Pender

Marketing Team Leader

Devin is a graduate of Cheltenham High school who went on to receive his Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business from Bloomsburg University. 

Devin has been active in C.A.N. (Cheltenham Achievers Network) H.Y.P.E (Helping Youth Prepare Effectively) which provides him with a unique insight to the value of our programs to  individuals, communities, families and organizations.  Devin was a member of the Club Volleyball  Team at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg Pa. 

Devin's'  creativity and understanding of the relevance and importance  Marketing and Social Media  is vital to the Growth and vision of Fam, Com. 



Father, Role Model, Mentor, Leader & Spiritual covering

Fatherhood is so much more than being a contributor to the conception of a child. Fatherhood is more than just providing financial support or a day at the ballgame. Fatherhood is about sowing seeds and investing  yourself, your time, your resources and  heartfelt love in your child.  

Fatherhood is a lifetime commitment. 


Fatherhood, Pass it on!

F: Faithful- We as men must be faithful to our families and God. 

A: Aware of the damage we cause when we go into hiding.

T: Tactician, we must have a plan and strategy for our families.

H: Honest with God, self and others on what we need to change.

E: Endurance, fatherhood/manhood is a journey in time. 

R: Responsible for self and all whom to are called to lead.

Men of Character

Being a man of character is not just for fathers. Being a man of character should be a priority for all men as they travel through life.  Men of character leave behind powerful legacies through their children and others they encounter as the journey through life.


Youth Workshop's

Hood Philosophy 101

 Hood Philosophy 101 focuses on critically analyzing the ins and outs of urban communities through hip-hop music, poetry/spoken word, specifically def poetry, and current events. 

The topics discussed are, but are not limited to, selling drugs & the reason why (economics in the inner city), drug addiction, violence (conflict resolution and/or the lack thereof), police brutality, systematic racism, and urban education. 

With these topics, there are discussions around why this is the current state of the “hood” and what can be done to change the reality of the “hood”. Hood Philosophy 101 is an extremely engaging and interactive course that makes the wheels turn in one’s mind.

Learn More

At Fam, Com we believe there is no greater investment than investing in the next generation of leaders and purpose filled individuals. 

We offer a wide variety of relevant workshops that inspire, engage, educate and equip participants with the tools needed to be change agents.

Programs At A Glance


H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Prepare Effectively)

 Students will receive interactive training to give them an understanding of leadership and the necessity of leaders in their current and future environments. Developmental areas will include but not limited to; communications, goal setting, decision making, self awareness, leadership styles, and time management.  

Lead By Example: Character Education


This program uses a curriculum designed to engage youth in weekly conversations to discuss Character, The Influence of Character and its effect on self and the next generation, How do I confront and manage my anger, Guilt and Shame (dealing with my past mistakes), The impact of the Media (How the media impacts and influences my decision making process), Improving Communication (A better way of life), Healthy Relationships (The importance of maintain healthy relationships that help and not hinder me), My Culture My Identity (Preparing for when Business meets culture), Developing a Support System (The importance of a mentor and or a Positive Role model), The Leader In Me ( Fulfilling the role as leader).

How to Raise a Positive Child in a Negative World

The Media plays a significant role in the information youth are exposed to. This workshop will provide parents and guardians with the skills to the compass which guides your child towards success. 

Interviewing and presenting.

We compete globally for careers as technology has made the world a smaller more competitive environment.

Participants will learn how to present themselves professionally, dress for success and articulate why they are the best candidate for a particular career.    

Learn how to create and facilitate a Mentoring Program.

 It goes without saying that as a mentor, you're regarded as an expert in your field or area of responsibility. But it's one thing to know what you're doing; it's entirely another to be able to clearly explain what you know--and to be willing to take the time to do it.  

It takes two to have a successful relationship.

Workshops for married couples, soon to be married couples, and those seeking to be in a healthy relationship.

Before you invest in a house or car, invest in your relationship. 

Programs At A Glance


Race, Culture and my Identity matter.

Understanding who you are, how your race, culture and identity contribute to the fabric of America. You were created for  a purpose and you do matter.

People of Destiny

Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. We make choices everyday that either move us closer or further away from our destiny. 

People of Change

Become a person who orchestrates positive change. 

C = Create a new mindset

H = Help others by investing your time

A= Awareness of individual &      

      community needs.

N = Never give in or give up.

G = Give of your self and your time.

E = Energize those around you through   

       your work ethic and attitude. 

Communication & Conflict

Often conflict arises out of poor communication. The way we say things are equally important as what we say. 

Body language, tone, attitude and the method of delivery often contribute to disagreements in Marriage, partnerships and relationships. Success and failure often hinge on our ability to communicate properly.

Getting Into Position

Effective Leaders learn what personal obstacles prohibit them from fulfilling their destiny. A leaders failure to recognize his or her personal obstacles and short-comings ultimately fail or lead others astray. 

Purpose, Power & Passion

Do you know that you were created with  purpose? Do you  understand that you have a reason to be here on earth? 

Your purpose will provide power in your life that will drive your passion to succeed. 

Programs At A Glance


The Power of Change

Change takes place in our lives when we began to change how we think as individuals. More individuals live a life of broken promises, missed opportunities, shattered dreams and disappointment because of their failure to change how they think. It’s like looking into a mirror and trying to escape the image in the mirror. No matter how many attempts you make, no matter how much effort you put into out maneuvering your image it is impossible. It is just as impossible to change your circumstances or destiny without changing the way you think. Stinking thinking promotes failure, excuses and regrets. This workshop provides participants with a working knowledge of how to implement positive change in their lives.

Choices & Consequences

Is what feels good necessarily the right choice? This workshop lays a foundation for those that follow, by helping individuals consider how the choices they make now will impact them for years to come. Participants will also be equipped with strategies for setting goals and making better decisions.

My Anger, Am I in Control?

 Anger is a powerful emotion that often seems impossible to control. In this workshop participants will discuss the consequences of allowing one’s anger to control his/her actions. Participants will also consider the reasons why violence is so prevalent in their communities and be encouraged to take a more proactive approach in discussing emotions and dealing with issues of anger.  

Success & Discipline

 This workshop deals with the importance of having discipline in our lives and how it can lead to success. Discipline does not automatically make someone a leader, but no one can long remain a leader without it. More leaders have failed from poor discipline than poor policies. More religious leaders have failed due to bad discipline than bad theology. More business leaders have sabotaged their careers from lack of discipline than lack of cash flow. 

Raising The Bar

 This workshop addresses the importance of participants “Raising The Bar” for success for themselves and the next generation by assisting them to move beyond mediocrity and low expectations for success in life. Tips on how to be successful and move ahead with a purpose in life are shared with participants. 

Healthy Relationships

 The choices individuals make in the area of relationships can be some of the most important and life-altering decisions they will ever make. This workshop will look at the consequences and the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and will help participants learn the steps toward having healthy relationships 

Keep Pushing The Stone!

Embrace the Future


Life will provide you with plenty of opportunities to quit or give up. 

Imagine life is a hill and the stone represents your struggles, heartaches, pains and tribulations. You have three choices. You can stop pushing the stone and eventually it will roll back over you. You can rest while pushing the stone and it will take twice the energy to get it moving again. The final choice is to keep pushing the stone until you reach the top. 

The Connection


I developed interactive presentations while working on my Thesis (The impact of absentee Fathers through death, incarceration and abandonment) and years of research.  


My work includes working with School Districts, Churches,organizations, families, youth and women. 

My book "When Grown Men Play Hide & Seek" shares my thesis research and a road map on how to become the leader, role model, father and men you were created to be.

Being a husband and father are two of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors in life I have encountered. However, with the grace of God, a willingness to learn and a strong desire to be the best husband and Father I could I have experienced success in both areas. Thirty plus years of marriage and three college graduates I have a great testimony to share. 

Accentuate The Positive


Accentuate The Positive is my weekly Radio Broadcast on that allows me to reach into various communities throughout the country with a message of purpose and self value. 

Monday evenings 8 pm - 9:30 pm.


Sign up to hear from me about upcoming events and special appearances.

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